The History of Gold


Gold is one of the essential things that many people desire for if they want to have a wealthy life. The value of gold is even higher than that price of money. This is because, the value of money is subjected to downs and ups depending on where the money originates and where it is heading, for the purpose of investment of purchasing. On the other hand, anywhere you send gold throughout the globe; you can expect that its value remains high and attractive way for investment. In connection with this, do you happen to know where gold originate? In this article, you will have the chance to discover the history of gold.


Way back 3100 B.C., there have been numerous evidences regarding value ratio of gold or silver Menes code, the first Egyptian dynasty founder. The code specified that gold have a greater value as compared with the silver. This is the earliest relationship between the value of silver and gold.

in the period of Seti I, in ancient Egypt, around 1320 B.C., the creation of first treasure map of gold was discovered and widely known today. Now, many people ask where the gold mine is located. Thus, since it is traced in the treasure maps, you can expect that there is always some a little uncertainty about it that can send you out of the trail.

In the modern assumption, it describes the Wadi Fawakhir area wherein the gold mine of El Sid is located; however, the problem is too far from developed. Jason together with the Argonauts took the Golden Fleece in the 1200 B.C. Thus, the Greek myth produces more sense when they think that the fleece pertains to the sheep’s fleece utilized for recovering the fine gold placer.┬áThe early miners utilized the waterpower in propelling sand that is gold bearing over the fleece of a sheep and could have tiny, yet heavy, gold flakes. When the fleece absorbed all the things that it could hold, the ‘golden fleece’ were hung up for the method of drying, and when it is dry it is gently beaten in order for the gold to fall off and taken.

This kind of primitive hydraulic mining started thousands of years in the past, and still being utilized by some miners as similar to the 1849 California gold rush. The primary usage of gold as a form of money started around 700 B.C., after the production of the first coins of the Lydian merchants. The coins were simply carved lumps of about 63 percent gold and 27 percent silver blend that are recognized as the ‘electrum’. This became the standard value unit, which undoubtedly assisted the Lydian traders regarding their extensive successes for the reign of the last Lydia king; Croesus of Mermnadae in 570-546 B.C. Lydia had accumulated a huge supply of gold. Nowadays, majority of the people who are under the stated of being ultra-wealthy are being recognize and believed to be as wealthy as Croesus.