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Lotro 100 gold is a site dedicated to interest of all things gold. The history, the news now, fun fact, and its involvement in art, culture, fashion.

Recently, a group of professionals that are partnered with the interest of the gold lifestyle and how humans react to it had a discussion out of a recent movie “Gold” starring Matthew McConaughey.


These pros are involved in many different industries from health, medical, to your home improvement commercial roofing contractors services. All these professionals can be considered purveyors of long term success for our mind body and soul living on our world. improve sustaining human life and promote healthy lifestyles and love gold. Not to worship it but the history of how it brought our people to discovery and the sell of this rare mineral.

The American Dream was to discover gold in its early day of financial and wealth management boom. The Gold Rush is well documented in the wild wild west and not just in Charlie Chaplin’s movie with the same title. The unique thing about gold is that even if you walk in a pawn shop or a jeweler you will see all walks of like enjoying the benefits of the monetary value of the sell or the look of excitement it brings from wearing your favorite karats.

The main character is an explorer set out to find his next venture. He sets out to Indonesia in search of gold. After the the big crew miners decides to give up on him and tired of believing in him with no reward they quit. This doesn’t slow his spirit in pace only sends him a more strenuous route to success. His unlucky streak turns when he continues on with his convinced partner a geologist played by Michael Acosta.

The film didn’t do too well in the box office but after True Crime we continue follow McConaughey’s drawl as committed fans. Plus the trailer was very interesting and gold was an easy decision for us. The money the corruption, the power, and the craze all still a very enjoyable an eye opening experience to dive into for all gold stories or how it was when searching and striking¬†gold. ¬†Check it out for yourself.