For The Love Of Gold


Gold has a history of business. The look and how that look made us feel shaped the monetary value idea throughout time. It made our eyes glow and everyone that saw wanted some.


Like being in the southern part of the US during the worst part of the winter time a heating and air Atlanta is vital where people aren’t used to the slightest chill gold had the same I must obtain to live comfortably mentality when sought after. The comforts of living in your own home when you think of deciding on comfy carpet cleaning or even a heated hardwood flooring Atlanta is an added luxury to make us feel like we are enjoying things more and they all cost. Gold had this effect throughout its finding and history as we know it. It has captivated and it can comfort our lifestyle to make us thrive for a life of wealth and luxury and financial successes.


Drive up toward South Carolina and they understand. The gold rush has returned and is alive today. Our nation’s first discoveries of gold happened in the Carolinas so it is only fitting that we return in 2016 still uncovering its depth. There was a point in time where the Haile Gold Mine was the largest in the US and not active since prior to World War II. The timing of the shutdown Franklin Roosevelt believed was appropriate Americans could bring attention to industries for warfare.

The 1827 dust is just now being wiped and the mine is returned to operation today. Geologist believe that we will see a growth in housing, hotel and restaurant. The start could emerge more older South Carolina mines to open again. In supporting the environment the runoff is the biggest thought of downside to the area. The nearby streams are expected to be healthy with fish and the possible runoff could cause big environment problems which all planning need to be mindful when in progress of reopening. The environmental damage and all cleanups needed are budgeted for of course, at 10 million cash by Romarco Minerals, the company opening at Haile Gold Mine.


Hiring for this gold mine has started for the new year of 2016. The opportunities for the Lancaster area are growing for job lookers now and town growth later, Romarco is closing a $300 million  finance package to begin. They are permitted to mine 2 million ounces per day.  The price of gold today is $1,191.70 per ounce. Just combining those two we know we are talking  $2,383,400,000. The price has gotten north of this per ounce at $1,300 per ounce.  We know at that price you can project a 2.6 billion dollar worth.

I love GOLD (in the Austin Powers Goldmember voice)