For The Love Of Gold

Gold has a history of business. The look and how that look made us feel shaped the monetary value idea throughout time. It made our eyes glow and everyone that saw wanted some.   Like being in the southern part of the US during the worst part of the winter time a heating and air Atlanta

Dipped in Gold

The different gold filled items are typically those items with layers of 10k (can be higher) and gold bonded that mechanically of a base metal. Gold layer have to make 1/20th minimum and a total weight of the piece. Such kinds of items are considerably being mentioned as gold-filled. They are also created with an

2017 Price Watch

The price of gold made unexpected changes during the past years. If you are hearing or watching most of the news in the past 30 days of the latest news about Gold today, the price of Gold remained buoyed and firm due to the political tensions happening between North Korea and the Middle East. The

Lotro 100 Gold

Lotro 100 gold is a site dedicated to interest of all things gold. The history, the news now, fun fact, and its involvement in art, culture, fashion. Recently, a group of professionals that are partnered with the interest of the gold lifestyle and how humans react to it had a discussion out of a recent

The Making of Olympic Gold Medal and Why Gold?

What’s the origin of Olympic gold medal? Why is it considered as the highest medal given for highest accomplishment of an athlete? In addition to gold medal, silver and bronze has always been the prize when an athlete wins an Olympic game. The tradition of giving this medals dates back to the Summer Olympic (1904)

Gold Rise In Hip Hop

Today, hearing the word hip hop is already a very common word. Gold chains, bracelets, teeth which are more commonly known as gold grill, and the Jesus piece are associated right along with the hip hop culture. Will, it will never be included as one of the most integral components of music and the arts

Rate of Gold Today

Nowadays, gold is traded every day. This piece is one of the most sought after collectibles of mankind. It is considered valuable as it holds some of the expensive elements in this world. People trade gold coins for aesthetic pleasure and business. However, how much is the rate of gold today? Gold is very much

Rise of Gold: Egypt

For more than 3,000 years, the ancient Egypt was considered as one of the most progressive civilizations in the world, mainly characterized and manifested in their advanced architecture, art & philosophy and others historical proof of their way of life. Although the innovation and advancement in Egypt was set apart from the other bygone cultures,