For The Love Of Gold


Gold has a history of business. The look and how that look made us feel shaped the monetary value idea throughout time. It made our eyes glow and everyone that saw wanted some.


Like being in the southern part of the US during the worst part of the winter time a heating and air Atlanta is vital where people aren’t used to the slightest chill gold had the same I must obtain to live comfortably mentality when sought after. The comforts of living in your own home when you think of deciding on comfy carpet cleaning or even a heated hardwood flooring Atlanta is an added luxury to make us feel like we are enjoying things more and they all cost. Gold had this effect throughout its finding and history as we know it. It has captivated and it can comfort our lifestyle to make us thrive for a life of wealth and luxury and financial successes.


Drive up toward South Carolina and they understand. The gold rush has returned and is alive today. Our nation’s first discoveries of gold happened in the Carolinas so it is only fitting that we return in 2016 still uncovering its depth. There was a point in time where the Haile Gold Mine was the largest in the US and not active since prior to World War II. The timing of the shutdown Franklin Roosevelt believed was appropriate Americans could bring attention to industries for warfare.

The 1827 dust is just now being wiped and the mine is returned to operation today. Geologist believe that we will see a growth in housing, hotel and restaurant. The start could emerge more older South Carolina mines to open again. In supporting the environment the runoff is the biggest thought of downside to the area. The nearby streams are expected to be healthy with fish and the possible runoff could cause big environment problems which all planning need to be mindful when in progress of reopening. The environmental damage and all cleanups needed are budgeted for of course, at 10 million cash by Romarco Minerals, the company opening at Haile Gold Mine.


Hiring for this gold mine has started for the new year of 2016. The opportunities for the Lancaster area are growing for job lookers now and town growth later, Romarco is closing a $300 million  finance package to begin. They are permitted to mine 2 million ounces per day.  The price of gold today is $1,191.70 per ounce. Just combining those two we know we are talking  $2,383,400,000. The price has gotten north of this per ounce at $1,300 per ounce.  We know at that price you can project a 2.6 billion dollar worth.

I love GOLD (in the Austin Powers Goldmember voice)

Dipped in Gold

The different gold filled items are typically those items with layers of 10k (can be higher) and gold bonded that mechanically of a base metal. Gold layer have to make 1/20th minimum and a total weight of the piece. Such kinds of items are considerably being mentioned as gold-filled. They are also created with an ensured karat fineness of the gold that is used for the filling process like 10k and 14K or higher. Since gold is being considered as a precious material that usually has a varying worth, these materials are considered as one of the precious things to have.

The fact that those jewelries that are dipped into gold usually contain the least amount of a real gold is the main reason why there are still some buyers of these who are being encouraged. Since the dipped gold are said to have thinner quality of gold, they are also known for their least expensive tag.  Because of this, it is the least expensive yet at the shortest item life span it would be.

The item will be dipped to an electroplating solution which contains the lumped gold and there the process will be made for dipping and coating the item with gold. [Basically, the procedure will cause a gold with a thin layer to cover the base metal. This is for the gold finish and makes the look of the item filled like a pure gold quality of item. The gold amounts that are actually transferred through the process are only less and can be expected to wear off quickly. This kind of result may happen when the jewelry is used daily.

Many jewelers usually refer to such kind of jewelry as gold plated and typically stamped with GP initials. The same as the process of gold plating, these gold filled jewelries the dipped pieces into gold that begins with a certain base of metal variety (usually they are either a steel or a brass) to make sure that the quality will seem as it is a real or pure kind of gold item.

On the other hand, despite of the dipped item in gold’s worth, it is quite impossible for the chance to recover some of the gold’s amount from the plated items. It is because the gold are basically plated thinly which causes only few microns of the actual gold for each of the dipped item. In addition to this, the cost for refining the plated items is usually higher than a 10 Karat of gold to 24 Karat of gold which means that there can be no value for it.

Most of items filled of gold definitely have their specific value. Just ask the best dentist Pittsburgh who would give you a gold mouth of teeth. Usually, few item pieces are the gold dipped and filled jewelries that are expected not to yield much in return. Yet, when you have some pounds, you can surely get some. These items that are filled with gold are usually great for small shipment.  Aside from remembering the need to request for a delivery signature- required, which is an option in case you decide for the items to be shipped, you should always look at its price. Determine if it would be worth spending your money.


2017 Price Watch

The price of gold made unexpected changes during the past years. If you are hearing or watching most of the news in the past 30 days of the latest news about Gold today, the price of Gold remained buoyed and firm due to the political tensions happening between North Korea and the Middle East.

The rate and price of spot gold were mostly unchanged according to the latest statistics.  The unchanged value remained at $1, 254. On the other hand, the US gold futures have leveled up a bit to $1, 255.50. The upcoming Presidential Elections is one of the reasons of this together with the tension of Syria and the Middle East.

The result is far from what the data is showing as a stable economy franchise. The clear scenario indicates the backing of the investors not only of the political campaign of France but also the rising war tensions happening in some parts of the world. One the given examples are the US conflict with Syria.

The Latest Updates Today

In terms of the Multi Commodity Exchange, trading is up to a fair percentage together with the high level of morning trade. In the case of Silver, there is a high climb in the percentage in the following days. This could be simply put 0.28 percent.

The event marked a sideways line in the trading of Gold compared to silver that might up a few kilograms in the coming years. The year 2017 is a year full of surprises in the price and trend of Gold in the market. This would provide a shift in the hands of the Investors who would want to engage in business.

Boost to Climb Higher

Because of Inflation and the low-cost interest rate experienced by the market in the past four years, Gold had a hard time climbing on a large percentage. However, there is a change in the situation this year as Gold is expected to climb to a big amount estimated to be $1,400 or $1,500. There is a big way for the big investors to have a large money in the businesses they have.

There is a reason for the improvement in the coming years because of the sudden climb of the percentage of Gold.  Hence, a future prospect might be included in a good way in the future line of investment. The high percentage of gold would denote an excellent line of business development.

The Year 2017 and the Future

There is a good reason to believe that there is a large development in the economy in the coming years with the higher demand of Gold. There is a good chance wherein an investor could take the full amount of the investment he or she made in business.

However, in case a sudden inflation comes or the surging of political tensions continue to affect the market, there would be a chance a full success would be achieved by the both the investors and consumers. It would still depend on the outside influences affecting the market.

Lotro 100 Gold

Lotro 100 gold is a site dedicated to interest of all things gold. The history, the news now, fun fact, and its involvement in art, culture, fashion.

Recently, a group of professionals that are partnered with the interest of the gold lifestyle and how humans react to it had a discussion out of a recent movie “Gold” starring Matthew McConaughey.


These pros are involved in many different industries from health, medical, to your home improvement commercial roofing contractors services. All these professionals can be considered purveyors of long term success for our mind body and soul living on our world. improve sustaining human life and promote healthy lifestyles and love gold. Not to worship it but the history of how it brought our people to discovery and the sell of this rare mineral.

The American Dream was to discover gold in its early day of financial and wealth management boom. The Gold Rush is well documented in the wild wild west and not just in Charlie Chaplin’s movie with the same title. The unique thing about gold is that even if you walk in a pawn shop or a jeweler you will see all walks of like enjoying the benefits of the monetary value of the sell or the look of excitement it brings from wearing your favorite karats.

The main character is an explorer set out to find his next venture. He sets out to Indonesia in search of gold. After the the big crew miners decides to give up on him and tired of believing in him with no reward they quit. This doesn’t slow his spirit in pace only sends him a more strenuous route to success. His unlucky streak turns when he continues on with his convinced partner a geologist played by Michael Acosta.

The film didn’t do too well in the box office but after True Crime we continue follow McConaughey’s drawl as committed fans. Plus the trailer was very interesting and gold was an easy decision for us. The money the corruption, the power, and the craze all still a very enjoyable an eye opening experience to dive into for all gold stories or how it was when searching and striking gold.  Check it out for yourself.





The Making of Olympic Gold Medal and Why Gold?

What’s the origin of Olympic gold medal? Why is it considered as the highest medal given for highest accomplishment of an athlete?
In addition to gold medal, silver and bronze has always been the prize when an athlete wins an Olympic game. The tradition of giving this medals dates back to the Summer Olympic (1904) held in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Trophies or cups were awarded for 1900 Olympics, whereas medals were awarded at the Olympic Games (1986) in Athens, Greece. However, there was no gold medal yet.
Olympic Gold medals are said to be made of at least of 92.5 percent silver and should consist of at least 6 grams gold. All of the Olympic gold medals are required to be at least 3mm thick and 60mm in diameter. The Olympic host will be held responsible for minting these medals. Since 1928 until 1968, the design was always similar; the front displayed a generic design by Giuseppe Cassioli – a Florentine artist, with a background of Rome’s Colloseum and text mentioning the city. The reverse, on the other hand, displayed another generic Nike design acknowledging an Olympic winner.
From the Summer Olympics in 1972 to 2000, the design of Cassioli remained on the obverse or front with a custom design on the reverse by the host city. A new design on the obverse was commissioned for the Summer Olympics in 2004 held in Athens. The 2008 medals of Beijing Olympics were 6mm thick and had a 70mm diameter, with the obverse showing a winged symbol of victory while the back displayed a symbol of Beijing Olympics through an inset jade circle.
Why Olympic gold medals?
The gold medal is definitely priceless to athletes who receive the valuable prize. But, what is the actual value of an Olympic gold medal?

When you say ‘gold medal’, the first image that will possibly come into your mind is an athlete who stands on the first place of the stage while wearing a precious smile and waving his hands in the air. They are artists with great pool of talent in the sports career they have chosen and dedicate their lives to achieve their passion. Gold medals recognize their achievements they rightly deserve.
In the field of sports, silver, bronze and gold has a memorable and positive impact in the lives of any athlete. But as you can see, gold medals offer the most notable meaning for an artist, because winning this award means being the best in your field. Your hard work, talent and geniuses will be paid off. Since the 18th century, gold medals have been given in the arts (ex. by the Royal Danish Academy), normally as a symbol of an accolade to give a brilliant student some financial freedom.
No matter what kind of sports career you are involved in, aiming for Olympic gold medals is not an impossible thing. With enough hard work and dedication, you can potentially go for the gold and make a name for yourself that any future sports enthusiasts will look up to.

Gold Rise In Hip Hop

Today, hearing the word hip hop is already a very common word. Gold chains, bracelets, teeth which are more commonly known as gold grill, and the Jesus piece are associated right along with the hip hop culture. Will, it will never be included as one of the most integral components of music and the arts it is showing is has an impact to the lives of millions of people all over the world. With the present popularity of this genre these days, have you ever wondered about the time when it made huge noise in the whole world? Have you ever asked yourself about hip hop’s golden era? Well, if your answer to that is ‘yes’ and you are looking for answers, this is the article that would inform you. So, read on to know more about the gold rise up of hip hop and talk to a party bus Atlanta driver who has chauffeured some of the greatest. This is our Gold notable.  Continue reading “Gold Rise In Hip Hop”

Rate of Gold Today

Nowadays, gold is traded every day. This piece is one of the most sought after collectibles of mankind. It is considered valuable as it holds some of the expensive elements in this world. People trade gold coins for aesthetic pleasure and business.

However, how much is the rate of gold today?
Gold is very much precious, and the most precious among other metals. Many people purchase gold as regards to their view of investing.  An emergency dentist Raleigh shares this idea gold investing.

Since gold is the most precious piece, a person must take precautions throughout buying gold or gold items such as gold bars, coins, ornaments and other pieces. A pure gold consists 24 carat. The jewelry isn’t made up of 24 carat since pure gold is a flexible metal as well as ornaments can’t be made with a flexible gold.
During the period of festivals and marriages, most people in rural and urban areas buy gold ornaments. Some jewelers deceive other customers by saying that the ornament is made up of 24 carat, but the truth is not. As a result, they receive less and spend more for the 18 to 20 carat of gold, but they only pay for the cost of 20 to 22 carat of gold.
To make sure you are getting the true value of your purchased gold, it is recommended not to buy gold jewelry because they are not made up of 24 carat. For a good investment, you should buy gold bars and gold coins. In that way, you are sure not to be deceived by the supplier. You will not find good price on buying ornaments because processing and making charges are also comprised in it.
If you will buy or sell gold in a certain company, you will learn that the rate of gold differs. These companies provide people with fast loading charts of the existing price of the chart for every kilogram, gram and ounce. They give an accurate and timely gold price. In some companies, the gold price per ounce is 1,153.99 (+9.60), the gold price per gram is 37.12 (+0.32) and the gold price per kilo is 37,118.36 (+327.62).

While in other companies, the prices vary from the type of gold they provide. Such example is:
• American Gold Eagle Coin (BU) as low as $1,204.24
• Canadian gold Maple Leaf (BU) as low as $1,192.70
• 1 Gram Sunshine Gold Bar as low as $46.20
• 10 Gram Sunshine Gold Bar as low as $390.05
The gold rate of the companies offers historical and live gold rates. It is an available investment in the sort of paper and bullion certificates. The physical bullion is made by several government and private mints within USA and globally. Most commonly, the option is found in round, coin and bar coin with a massive amount of available sizes for each and every one.
Gold bars may range anywhere from one gram size up to four-hundred ounces. On the other hand, coins are found in fractional sizes and one ounce. Just like other valuable metals, physical gold is considered by some people as a great way to protect themselves from the continuing devaluation of flat currencies as well as from unstable stock markets.

Rise of Gold: Egypt

For more than 3,000 years, the ancient Egypt was considered as one of the most progressive civilizations in the world, mainly characterized and manifested in their advanced architecture, art & philosophy and others historical proof of their way of life. Although the innovation and advancement in Egypt was set apart from the other bygone cultures, yet their civilization shares at least one important thing in common. Similarly to a gold connoisseur that serves publicly as an electrician Marietta Ga, Ancient Egypt was fascinated by gold. Historically speaking, Egypt association with gold and its utilization reaches back for more than 5, 000 years ago, which indeed makes Egypt’s culture largely responsible for the humanity’s obsession with this valuable and precious metal. Continue reading “Rise of Gold: Egypt”